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Introduction of polyacrylate sodium products

Sodium polyacrylate

Chemical name£ºpolyacrylate sodium (PAAS)
English name£ºsodium polyacrylate
molecular structure£º¡ª[-CH2CHCOONa-]¡ª

   PAAS is a polysnion macromolecule dielectric£¬which is an important widely used chemical product developed in modern times. It is also widely used in such field as ?environmental protection¡¢food¡¢medicine¡¢textile¡¢water processing¡¢petrochemistry ¡¢metallurgy etc.

Physicochemical property£º

¡¾character¡¿ white powder ,colorless and tasteless . It has a strong characteristic of absorbing moisture. It is a high molecular compound both has hydrophilia and drainage radical. It can be dissolved in water to become extremely thick transparent liquid. The viscosity of 0.5% solution is about 1 Pa¡¤s£¬which is nearly equal to CMC. It is 15-20 times as big as sodium alqinate. Heating, neutral salt and organic acid are all have little effect on it. The viscosity will be increased under the condition of basic environment. It cannot be dissolved in organic solution such as ethanol and acetone. It cannot be decomposed when heated at 300¡æ.There is little change after a long period of preservation. Moreover, it is not easy to be decayed. It will form insolubility salt when meeting metallic ion that is more than bivalence (such as aluminum, lead, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc.), which will arouse molecule cross linked and solidified sedimentation. When PH value is under 4, PAAS will produce sedimentation.

The application and function of PAAS:

£¨I£©food processing
1£®Flour Products Industry
2£®Cold drinks Industry
3£®Meat product industry
£¨II£©Beauty Industry
£¨III£©Toothpaste Industry
£¨IV£©Tobacco Industry
£¨V£©medicine Industry
£¨VII£©widely used in paper making¡¢textile ¡¢refine sugar ¡¢environment protection¡¢manufacture of building materials ¡¢agricultural production sector.


packing and shipment
this product can be transported in polypropylene woven bag, with plastic bag in it. 25kg per bag.
This product should be protected from rain, humidity, and insolation .
 It should be stored in room temperature and kept airing. Try to avoid insolation. It should be covered in airproof cardboard drum with plastic lining. The net weight is 20kg.when it is transported, please try to avoid sunlight and rain. Prevent from being humid and heated.

PAAS enterprise standard

item \ standard



White powder

Free alkali




Loss in weight on drying


Residue on ignition


Heavy metal£¨ÒÔPb¼Æ£©


arsenic (As2O3)


Residual monomer


Lower polymer£¨lower than 1000degree of polymerization£©


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