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Introduction of L-Carnitin products

L-products of betaine

Chemical name:
English name£ºL-Carnitin
Byname: vitamin BT, levorotatory betaine
molecular structure£ºC7H15NO3
 structural formula:
Physicochemical property
This product is a white crystallization or crystalline powder or colorless crystalline. With a light special smell. Having a strong characteristic of absorbing humidity, it can deliquesce or even be liquefied if it is exposed in the air. It¡¯s easy to dissolve in water, ethanol, base solution or diluted mineral acid, but it can¡¯t dissolve in acetone or ethyl acetate.
Main functions
It can be used to lose weight, eliminate fatty liver, care for heart health, fight against senium and do good for infants¡¯ health etc.
Packing and storage£º
  This product should be stored in double-layer nontoxic PEG plastic bag. (5kg-10kg per bag), then, put into cardboard cartons.10kg per box.
Store it in photophobic , closed , dry and cool place.

Quality specifications£º(USP26)


97.0%¡«103.0% (dry basis£©


White crystallographic powder


Melt easily in water

¡¡¡¡Specific rotation

-29.5~-32.0(10% aqueous solution)

       pH value

5.5~9.5(5%aqueous solution)



¡¡¡¡Residue on ignition


¡¡¡¡chlorine Cl- Cl-


¡¡¡¡Heavy metal£¨Pb£©




¡¡¡¡natrium [Na]




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